The Jealous Boyfriend -Michael-

((tw: verbal and ~maybe~ physical))

You slipped your heels off before entering your home. You shut the door gently behind you, careful not to make much noise as it was early in the morning and Michael was sleeping. The house was dark so you used your hands to feel around. Your hands grazed over side tables and walls before you finally made it to the kitchen. You turned the lights on and immediately went for the fridge. You had been out at a club all night for your friends bachelorette party, and all that dancing had left you starving.

As soon as your fingers curled around the cold handle a dark voice erupted through the room.

"I heard what happened at the club."

You spun around to face the voice, “What?”

Michael stood in the doorway, his eyes already fixed on yours. His hair was sticking out in random directions like he had been tousling it for hours. He wore his plain blue shorts. His face was paler than usual, and he had a hard expression on. His green eyes, that you adored so much, were lifeless and dead. But those eyes were boring into you, and you stared back like a deer in headlights. He closed the distance between you two in two quick strides.

He immediately pressed his warm body against yours, pinning you against the fridge, and put his lips on yours so hard it almost hurt.

"I know what happened at the club tonight." His breath was hot on your neck as he peppered kisses.

"What are you talking about?" You questioned him.

"Don’t play stupid," He growled as he nipped your skin and sent shivers through your body.

"Michael, I honestly don’t know what you’re talking about." As soon as the words left your lips, he slammed his forehead against yours. He focused his dark eyes on yours and placed his hands on either sides of your face so you HAD to look at him.

"I heard you were flirting with that guy, you slut." He basically snarled. You felt your face turn bright red upon the accusation.

"No, no, Michael, listen, he came up to me but I didn’t even talk to him I told him I had a boyfriend and-" Your blubbering was cut off by Michael slamming his lips against yours once again.

"Shut up." His voice was low and gruff. His big hands gripped your legs and he lifted you up so your legs were wound around his waist.

"Michael, I-" You began before he cut you off again.

"I said shut up." He snarled as he pushed you on the countertop. Dishes were pushed off in the process and shattered as they connected with the ground. You gasped at the sudden noise and at the sudden feeling of Michaels fingers digging into your hips.

His lips found yours again and his teeth locked on your bottom lip and pulled outward. He was being so rough tonight and you couldn’t help but be turned on.

"Did you think about how his lips would feel against yours?" He murmured against your neck as he gently sucked on your skin.

"Did you think about how hard he’d fuck you? Or how loud he’d make you moan?" The longer Michael talked the harder he sucked. You could feel the bruises flowering on your skin but, damn, it felt good.

"But did you also think that he could never make you feel the way I do? That he could never fuck you as hard as I can? That he could NEVER make you scream the way I do?" He bit your skin and made you yelp. At this point you could feel his raging erection on your thighs.

"Prove it." You challenged him with a smooth voice.

He raised his eyes to meet yours. He looked surprised for a moment before the look was drown out by desire and lust.

He ripped off your black dress before picking you up again. He dropped you on the island in the middle of the kitchen. He tore off your bra and curled his fingers under the lace trim of your thong before literally snapping it off.

As he leaned forward to kiss you, he slipped two fingers down to rub your throbbing core. You moaned at his touch.

"Damn, you’re so wet, you must really want me," He said with a smirk in-between sloppy kisses. "Tell me how much you need me," He muttered tauntingly in your ear.

"Please Mikey," You whimpered impatiently as he positioned himself at your entrance.

"Please what?" His plump lips were permanently curved in a smirk.

"Please, fuck me,  I need you so bad," You begged.

He let out a low chuckle before plowing into you so hard that it knocked the air out of your lungs. You cried out in pleasure as he filled you up completely.

"Fuck," He moaned as he pulled down on your shoulders so you could take all of him. You couldn’t even form words anymore, or even form a sentence in your head. All you could think of was Michael, but the only things that come from your lips were moans and gasps. He thrusted into you mercilessly. You gripped the edges of the table to keep from sliding around and to hold yourself steady so he could go deeper.

You could tell by the way his thrusts were getting sloppier that he was getting close, but that didn’t stop him from pounding into you so hard that you forgot your name.

Two more hard thrusts and you were both over pushed over the edge. You moaned each others names as pleasure rocked through your bodies.

"Oh my God," You panted as soon as you could find your voice.

Michael collapsed on top of you and breathed heavy, “I know.”

"I can’t feel my legs," You laughed as you brushed his sweaty hair off his forehead. He laughed one of his rare giggles and carried you bridal style to the bed. He set you down and pulled you into his chest with his arms tight around you.

"You know I would never cheat on you, right?" You whispered as you traced patterns delicately on his pale skin.

"Of course, I just wanted to remind you that you’re mine." He looked down at you with the softest expression. His green eyes gleamed brilliantly as you looked up and smiled at him.

"How could I ever forget?" You jokingly motioned towards your colorfully bruised body.

He giggled again and your heart skipped a beat. You swore his laugh could cure cancer, and he didn’t do it nearly as much as he should.

"I love you." You told him with a smile.

He smiled back and you felt your heart stop again, as his smile was more beautiful than anything you’ve ever seen. Michael twirled your hair between his fingers like you always did before his smile returned to a smirk and he whispered, “I love you too, my little sex princess.”